There are plenty of simple and creative ways you can use your talents, get together with friends or even use your daily routine to fundraise. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

When you’re ready download our Fundraising Tips to get some inspiration and contact our Fundraising Team via email or on 020 7167 5789 to discuss ideas and receive support.

Fundraise at home

There are plenty of ways that you can fundraise with your friends and family.

Foodie fundraising

Challenge your friends and family to a bake-off for gloating rights, then sell the culinary creations to raise funds. If you want to make it extra special, why not use the amazing Taste of Freedom cookbook, which is full of delicious traditional Syrian recipes. All proceeds from the sales of the book come to us.


Celebrate with Doctors of the World

Getting one year older or celebrating a special occasion? Why not making it even more unforgettable by asking your friends and families to support our volunteer doctors delivering vital medical care? You can celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation by making a real difference. Set up your personalised fundraising page today and share it online with your loved ones.

cyclist-couple-kissingRock for refugees

Organise a gig, karaoke night or open-mic in a local venue and charge a small fee. Alternatively, host a medical quiz night. Themes can range from famous TV doctors (think ER and Scrubs) to general health knowledge.

Give up something for good

Get sponsored by your friends and family to avoid your chosen vice for a month whether it’s alcohol, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes or something completely different.

Go the extra mile

Sacrifice public transport or your car for as many journeys as possible and donate the cost savings to Doctors of the World. You could use a website such as GivePenny, for example, which allows you to connect several lifestyle apps, set yourself a daily target, and ask your friends and family to donate a small amount each time you achieve it.

Before you start fundraising, set up your fundraising page.

Contact the fundraising team on 020 7167 5789 or to talk through your ideas and see how we can help.

Fundraise at Work

Here are just a few ideas of how you can raise money for us at your workplace.

Medic madness

Instead of a dress-down day, dress-up as a medic or wear something blue, the colour of Doctors of the World! For extra engagement, you coincide it with World Health Day or World Refugee Day and start a collection.

Make us your charity partner

Nominate us the next time your company chooses a charity partner. We have a range of engaging fundraising ideas for you and your colleagues, while our volunteer doctors and nurses can come to you to tell you about their experiences in person. Leading doctor recruitment agency Rig Locums selected us to benefit from their fundraising activities, which included a Thames Path Walk.

Or you can take on one of our challenges with your colleagues or do your own challenge. It’s great team building and all for a great cause!

Give more for less

Many companies offer Payroll Giving for their employees, allowing you to make regular donations to Doctors of the World UK directly from your wages, before income tax deductions. So, if you pledge £10 each month, the cost to you is only £8 but we receive the full £10. Ask your employer if they offer Payroll Giving and complete the simple form to get started.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to ask your employer if they have a matched funding scheme which could double the impact.

Contact the Fundraising Team on 020 7167 5789 or to talk through your ideas and receive all the support you might need.

At University

If you’re a student passionate about Doctors of the World UK, we can help you to bring our work to your university.

We can offer students the chance hear from people who have been on the frontline of healthcare and emergency aid, provide professional development opportunities, and give you the materials you need to encourage others.

Will you take the lead?

Help us build new long-lasting relationships with medical schools, student organisations and the university community by getting in touch.

You can take the lead where you live, study or work, shaping your local student group the way you feel can make the biggest impact locally. We offer:

  • Exciting speakers
  • Fundraising and campaign ideas and support
  • Unique access to healthcare training workshops and resources
  • Updates about volunteering opportunities

We also encourage medical students to deliver our Safe Surgeries peer-to-peer training at their universities and workplaces, to improve their peers’ understanding of migrant rights to, and experiences of, healthcare. More information and resources are available here.

You can download our brochure for students here or contact for further information.


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.