International medical activists celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day

Published 11th December 2018

Today and tomorrow, international activists and advocates will gather in London to share ideas and opportunities in the fight for better healthcare access.


With funding from the EUAID Volunteers initiative, Doctors of the World UK have organised the conference to mark Universal Health Coverage Day and bring together medical and civil society professionals to share ideas for healthcare advocacy.


The event will explore the challenges and solutions to equitable healthcare for everyone, regardless of their immigration status, socioeconomic status or any other characteristic. It will have and skills and learning focus, with today’s workshops on the power of patient voice from the Say It Loud Club, on medical activism from Docs Not Cops and Medact and international partnership working from PICUM.


Tomorrow’s sessions will focus on challenging policing and immigration enforcement in healthcare, with workshops exploring options around firewalling, healthcare in detention and defending patient confidentiality regardless of immigration status.


We’d like to thank our EU Aid collaborators, Médecins du Monde Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as the EU Aid Volunteers initiative for helping to make this happen. The EU Aid initiative aims at strengthening the capacities of local communities and organisations to improve access to healthcare and respond to emergencies.


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With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.