Our Activism

Using evidence from our clinics we advocate tirelessly for those unable to access the medical care they need. With over 10 years of experience treating excluded people in the UK, we campaign for policies and practices that give everyone the right to healthcare, regardless of immigration status or income.

Our policy recommendations

  • Full access to free primary, emergency and other essential care for everyone living in the UK.
  • Exemptions from healthcare charges for children, pregnant women and refused asylum seekers living in the UK.
  • NHS information should not be shared with the Home Office and accessing treatment should never be used as a means of immigration enforcement.
  • Health professionals should be supported to take care of all patients regardless of their administrative status.

#StopSharing campaign

Our #StopSharing campaign calls on NHS Digital to STOP making our NHS doctors into border guards. Fear should never be a reason not to see a doctor but the UK Government has arranged a deal with NHS Digital, the body charged with safeguarding NHS patient records, that allows the Home Office to access vulnerable patients’ information for immigration enforcement.

This means many patients are too afraid to access healthcare, confidentiality is compromised and doctors are being unknowingly forced into being border guards. Add your voice and sign the petition here!

Safe Surgeries initiative

Our Safe Surgeries work focuses on improving access to healthcare for excluded people in the UK through alliances, awareness-raising and capacity-building. The project includes:

  • Training clinical and non-clinical NHS professionals on meeting the needs of vulnerable migrants and creating a body of students and professionals to champion this cause and train their peers;
  • Building a supportive network of GP practices who commit to being Safe Surgeries for everyone in their community;
  • Providing guidance, resources, and training to healthcare commissioners, providers and public health bodies to improve healthcare access of vulnerable populations;
  • Research and policy work to support our advocacy programme.

If you are a healthcare professional, provider, commissioner or public health body, contact Jennie to find out more about what Safe Surgeries can offer you.